Raclette Cheese Melting Rack


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Make any food tastier than you ever imagined, adding a little bit of viscous melted cheese. The Raclette processed cheese shelf is positioned above the three tea lamps that melt your favorite cheese so you can easily spread it on any plate.

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Product Details

Partyclette To-Go allows you to throw a raclette party anytime, anywhere. With an elegant oak frame, Barbeclette pan, 3 tea lamps and a practical spatula to serve cream cheese on baguette slices or toast, this product is fun, simple and offers something very special. It will be an unforgettable night! - SIMPLE AND ELEGANT: heated by a candle - without lighter fluid and strings - ANTI-COLA: the pan has a non-stick coating, so that the cheese can be easily removed with the included spatula - CONVENIENCE: the folding design is portable and easy to keep Raclette comes from the French word "rackler" which means to scratch. It is also the name of the dish and cheese used in the meal. Raclette originated in the Middle Ages, when shepherds kept their flocks of sheep at high altitudes from June to September. Like a hot meal, they placed a piece of cheese on a toothpick over the fire to melt it, and with knives they scraped pieces of bread, potatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions and dried meat with melted cheese. Rampage! Partyclette is not limited to raclette cheese. Any melted cheese will work: - A perfectly melted slice of cheddar is the perfect finishing touch for your cheeseburger. - How about researching new cheeses by melting Halloumi? - Melted Brie + fruit is always an irresistible combination. - Make cheese nachos sauce! About Boska Holland cheese products: We love cheese! Since 1896, our mission here in Boska has been to spread the love of cheese to everyone, everywhere. Our innovative family business started out as a blacksmith making tools for cheese producers in the Netherlands, and we are now the only specialists in cheese products in the world: cheese tools and accessories. In short: we sell everything you need to taste the cheese, except the cheese itself!


  • SIMPLE & amp;¬†ELEGANT: heated by candles - no lighter fluid, no cables.¬†
  • ANTI-COLA: The frying pan has a non-stick coating so that the cheese can easily come out with the included spatula.¬†
  • CONVENIENT: the foldable design is portable and easy to store.¬†
  • INCLUDES: barbecue, frame, shovel and 3 tealight candles.¬†
  • RELIABILITY SINCE 1896: Boska Holland has developed its experience in cheese making.¬†for a long and rich history that began in the tacky heart of Holland.¬†