Real Turf Slippers


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What’s better than putting on real slippers to keep yourself cool and comfortable on a hot summer day?¬†They have a peat bottom, velcro fasteners to ensure a perfect fit and can resist water perfectly, making them ideal for beach or park days.

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Product Details

Take your grass with you wherever you go ... beach, school, shopping, etc. ... perfect for camp or college, young or old, male or female. They are waterproof, don't worry about getting dirty or sandy, just leave them outside in the rain or rinse under the sink / hose. Maybe if you water them enough, the grass will grow! (No, not really.) The perfect gift idea for the athlete or lazy person in your life. The most common question we receive is "What is this?" ... quickly follows: "But why? I don't understand" ... then: "Can I try them on?" , ... the result is: "My God, I love them, where can I find them!"


  • 100% synthetic material.¬†
  • Imported.¬†
  • There is no need to cut your hair.¬†
  • Lush landscaping for your feet without maintenance or real grass.¬†
  • Adjustable neoprene velcro closure.¬†Say no to your toes, these slides are easy to put on and take off.¬†
  • The grass under the feet is flattened to form a smooth, even and tickleless surface.¬†
  • Voted: "One of the best conversations" (by us).¬†