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Redneck Backscratcher


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Do it in style with a cattle that scratches its back. Made as a miniature version of a backyard rake, this daily use item has 15 long tips that follow the shape of your back for pure ecstasy from scratching your back.

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Product Details

Redneck Backscratcher translates PLEASURE into FUNCTIONALITY. This is the best (or at least the biggest) rear scraper on the planet. Fun gifts for men, 30, 40, 50, Christmas, Father's Day, NASCAR, SEASON OPENING, WARM UP PARTIES, FIGHTING, TRUCK PULL GRAND PRIMER GRAND PRIX WINNER, etc. This product was CREATED BY REDNECKS FOR REDNECKS. Plastic and wood have never looked so good as with the Redneck Backscratcher. A woman said to her husband, "I bought a Redneck Backscratcher for you", so you can wear it on my back! »This product sits right on anyone's back and is useful in the yard. Some phrases and words to describe the Redneck Backscratcher: funny gift for men, new gift idea, perfect birthday gift, great gagged gift, funny and cool gift, etc. BUT WHY WAIT for someone to give it to you on your birthday or special occasion when you can order it yourself today! RESOURCES 15 IRONS, which is like having 15 REAR ARRANGERS IN ONE, which gives you more fun with less effort (we country boys want MORE FUN WITH LESS EFFORT). A great gift for a guy with a funny back and bone.


  • THE BEST (or at least the largest) BACK SCRAPER on the planet. 
  • RESOURCE 15 BLADES, which is like 15 ARRANGERS IN ONE, which gives you more pleasure with less effort (we hillbilly enjoy MORE PLEASURE WITH LESS EFFORT). 
  • SIZES: 7.5 "W x 20" W (we measure!)
  • 4 IN 5 WINN DIXIE BUYERS said they scratched their backs better than their ex-wives. 
  • Cheerful gifts for men 30, 40, 50, Father's Day, Christmas, NASCAR OPENING, WARM UP PARTIES, WRESTLEMANIA, TRUCK PULL GRAND PRIZE GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Gag gift idea for a man or a hillbilly. A great gift for a guy with a funny back and bone. 

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