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Remote Control Pac-Man Racers


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Waka waka is everywhere as you transform your living room into a real arcade game with remotely controlled Pac-Man pilots. These fun and nostalgic pilots let you control Pacman or your ghostly enemy with a retro joystick.

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Product Details

Everyone loves a little bit of the retro eighties. Now you can turn your living room into a full-size Pac-Man game with this Pac-Man and Ghost remote. A game that is well and sincerely remembered and loved by all young and old, from your nephew to your grandmother, everyone will be in line for your game.


  • Includes remote control figures.¬†
  • They move in 6 different directions.¬†
  • Remote controls in the form of a joystick in a retro style.¬†
  • Create authentic sound effects
  • Great gift for any video game player

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