Reusable Coffee Brew Buddy


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Save a fortune on coffee makers by preparing your favorite roast with the reusable coffee maker. The original and functional design allows you to prepare coffee with any intensity of a cup using the built-in fine mesh filter.

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Product Details

Prepare something different, a perfect cup of coffee, with Primula's Coffee Brew Buddy. This small tool provides the easiest way to enjoy the rich aroma of dripping coffee almost anywhere. This innovative coffee maker is a must for coffee lovers. This portable tool is indispensable for anyone who loves coffee, but does not have time to go to a local coffee shop to fix it. Pour, boil and enjoy in just 30 seconds. The wide rim securely covers your favorite cup. Pass a spoon or spoon of freshly ground coffee through a fine mesh filter and cover with hot water. The flavors of coffee are removed quickly and you can prepare it with the desired intensity. Of course, Coffee Brew Buddy fits most cups or mugs. Brew Buddy can be washed in the dishwasher and is easy to clean. This is the most convenient way to have a coffee, on the go.


  • COFFEE ON THE MOVE - Anytime, anywhere.¬†A simple and convenient personal brewing system designed for the active coffee drinker.¬†The slim portable design allows you to brew beer anywhere in just 30 seconds.¬†Ideal for daily use at home, office, travel or camping.¬†
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - patented fermentation technology for soft and rich coffee.¬†This reusable, ultra-fine mesh filter keeps all waste out of your cup.¬†Compatible with most coffee cups or mugs, including your travel mug.¬†
  • EASY TO USE.¬†All you need is coffee, a cup or mug and hot water for a perfect single cup of coffee.¬†Simply place the Brew Buddy over a cup, add your coffee or tea, pour hot water and infuse until the desired strength is reached.¬†
  • EASY TO CLEAN - dishwasher safe.¬†Just discard used ground coffee and rinse or put it in the dishwasher.¬†
  • SAVE MONEY - Eliminates the need for reusable paper filters, coffee capsules or cups, decanters or electric coffee makers.¬†
  • EASY PREPARATION - No waste paper filters or plastic containers.¬†