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RevoHair Hairline Shaping Tool


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Keep your hair fresh between visits to the hairdresser with the RevoHair hairline correction tool. With these versatile tools, you can easily model the hairline, earline, neckline, tapered line and even the side line.

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  • PERFECT LINE - Keep your hair looking fresh with our Revo products!¬†Multi Curves & amp;¬†Straight, sharp edges help you shave and trim your hairline and sneakers effortlessly!¬†Revo haircut models give you CONFIDENCE in preparation!¬†
  • One size fits ALL - don't worry about sizes.¬†All of our Revo products are designed and suitable for all shapes and sizes!¬†The RevoNeck was designed with a fully adjustable strap that can be adapted to your size.¬†
  • COMPLETE CARE KIT - An innovative self-tapping kit that includes complete stencil guides for cutting / styling hair and a shaving oil / styling comb.¬†This is a great DIY solution for making great hairdressing accessories.¬†
  • Save TIME AND MONEY - Hairdressers are expensive and your hair will continue to grow.¬†We are here to help you save MONEY by reducing your visits to the hairdresser!¬†Save your hard-earned money and always look like you just left a hairdresser.¬†
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SHAVING / CUTTING TOOL - Whether it's a straight razor, trimmer or straight blade, Revo models are made to work with anything!¬†It perfectly complements your beauty accessories!¬†

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