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Rhino 180 See-Through Hunting Blind


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Increase your chances of catching your next hunt by hiding inside the transparent Rhino 180 hunting curtain. This nifty hunting accessory will keep you invisible to nature, giving you a big advantage.

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Product Details

ALL NEW Rhino Blinds 180 See Through blinds take ground blind hunting to a whole new level! This unique double-sided mesh system prevents the entry of wild animals, allowing you, the hunter, to have a crystal clear view without any obstruction. Coated with Realtree Edge camouflage, the Rhino 180 blends perfectly in almost any environment and can easily add another natural habitat with the cleaning strips included at the top and bottom of the curtain. Like all Rhino hub curtains, the R180 has a large zippered door and you can easily adjust the shot window by 270 degrees using Rhino's silent sliding window technology. This curtain can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people and facilitates installation / removal.


  • R180 accommodates up to 3 people and is 66 "tall, 75" x 75 "tall, cube with cube and has a 58" x 58 "floor print.
  • Two panels complete with transparent mesh panels provide a 180 degree unobstructed view.
  • 270 degree adjustable window openings. Easy adjustment of window openings using "Silent-Slide" window technology.
  • Large door without zipper offers easy and quiet entry / exit.
  • Brush loops, loops and ropes are included.

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