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Ribbon Butter Dispenser


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Use this ribbon butter dispenser to dispense oily ingredients throughout your toast without tearing it. This essential accessory for breakfast quickly and easily turns a piece of hard butter into a thin ribbon, perfect for spreading on bread and toast.

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Product Details

Turn tablespoons of butter into ribbons with the Butter Mill. It has an easy-to-use swivel mechanism. It is ideal for corn on the cob without mess. Works with butter or margarine.


  • Butter, margarine or creamy cheese.¬†
  • Can be used directly from the refrigerator.¬†DO NOT PARTICIPATE.¬†If it's too cold, wait.¬†Polymer and stainless steel construction.¬†
  • Remember that California, Oregon and Washington residents may need Trader Joe's or Land O'Lakes oil - since you have a slightly shorter and thicker tube.¬†You can also cut to the right size ...

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