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Right To Bear Arms Shirt


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Like “Murikans”, our God has the right to carry weapons – literally – with these bear-gun t-shirts.¬†Following the tradition established by our founding fathers, the bear gun shirt is adorned with a teddy bear skin on the forearm that will keep you warm and make you look like a grizzly bear.

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Product Details

You can sing, sing and scream until your face is blue! The right to wear a shirt with guns is mandatory for any proponent of the constitution. the front of the shirt says it all, with an intimidating appearance of bear arms to support it. You and the public will be impressed by the high quality of life, like the bear hair on these shirts. this fur not only resembles the epic nature of real bear hands, but is also ridiculously pleasant to the touch. wear this t-shirt for a night on the town and be surprised by the attention it receives from women. The bear's arms are made of high quality synthetic leather and sewn on a black 100% cotton shirt. Bear sleeves have a soft, breathable inner lining for maximum comfort and durability. You will surely love this shirt more than any other you own. be careful when washing. We recommend that you dry-clean your shirt with bear arms, but you can machine wash in a gentle cycle if necessary. Just make sure to dry your shirt with the bear gun and don't put it in the dryer. this will destroy the splendor of your bear gun sleeves. Make your ancestors proud and show your patriotism and love for the 2nd Amendment with the right to bear arms.


  • 100% cotton
  • Soft cycle
  • USA !, USA !, USA!¬†...
  • Incredibly comfortable and comfortable.¬†Breathable
  • Made of high quality synthetic bearskin.¬†
  • Sleeve with internal lining and stitching
  • Don't mess with America!¬†

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