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Rod-Runner Pro Fishing Rod Rack


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With the professional Rod-Runner rod holder, it is convenient to carry all of your fishing gear with just one hand. Made of hardened ABS plastic, this rack can easily accommodate up to 5 fishing rods without entangling lines, breaking guides or damaging equipment or reels.

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  • PROTECTION - Easily carry up to 5 rods in one hand without tangling lines, breaking guides or damaging expensive rods and reels. 
  • TRANSPORT - Quickly load rods in off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, cars, boats and even kayaks for superior rod and reel protection during transport. 
  • VERSATILITY - Ability to work with light and heavy fishing equipment! Including reels, bait reels, fly fishing reels, surf poles and even large normal sea fishing rods! 
  • CONVENIENCE - Easily wash and install fixed rods to spend more time fishing and less time preparing and cleaning your fishing equipment. 
  • DURABILITY - durable ABS plastic construction with UV + inhibitor withstands any operating condition; from bass fishing to surfing and ice fishing! Light and compact design for easy storage. 

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