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Ron Burgundy Action Figure


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Great Odin’s Crow! Ron Burgundy is back – in figurine form! The legendary Channel 4 announcer returns in all his glory to share the latest news with you, drink good tape and share your impressions of your epic career. And if there is time, he will still play jazz flute.

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Product Details

The legendary Ron Burgundy wanted to make sure that his wisdom will be passed on unchanged to future generations. Enter: TV presenter The Legend of Ron Burgundy, a 13-inch talking action figure! Beautiful on a scale of 1: 6, this incredible 13-inch figurine is composed of 10 phrases from the TV Presenter: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. This amazing figurine in a bright red suit allows you to see things through the eyes of Ron Burgundy with Burgundy Vision! Take off Ron Burgundy's stylish sunglasses, take a look at the back of your neck and immediately see the world through the eyes of the No. 1 news anchor in San Diego. This is a must-see item for fans of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy! Ron has great accessories, including sunglasses, a glass of duct tape with ice, loafers, a wreath and a bathrobe. From 14 years.


  • Includes Scotchy Scotch Vision and MANY cool accessories! Height 13 inches. 
  • This incredible statuette represents Ron Burgundy's 12 wisest jewels, filed as future instructions for his countless children. 
  • “I am very important; I have a lot of leather-bound books and my apartment smells like mahogany. "
  • The language may not be suitable for young children.
  • To hear 12 sentences, turn on" Try "and switch to ON.

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