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Roof Snow Removal System


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Keeping your roof free of snow is easier than ever this winter with the Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System. It does not require tools to assemble and features a patented cutting structure with small wheels designed so that you can slide off the roof with ease.

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  • LESS TIME & amp;¬†LESS STRENGTH THAT STANDARD SNOW RAKE - Avalanche!¬†Snow removal systems take 1/3 of the time to remove snow and are less tiring for the body compared to traditional rakes.¬†Gently push the mast towards the roof and watch the snow slide through the blue snow using gravity.¬†It's like slipping and sliding in the snow.¬†
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED - JUST PUT THEM TOGETHER AND WATCH THE SNOW OUT OF YOUR ROOF: Instant assembly is quick and efficient so you can start cleaning snow off your roof right away.¬†Easy to store and use year after year.¬†
  • EASY SNOW RAKE REMOVES HEAVY SNOW FROM THE ROOF AND EASY TO USE: Avalanche!¬†Snow rake systems are lightweight, weighing around 5 pounds, and are designed to be used by anyone.¬†Avalanche!¬†products ARE MADE MAINLY IN THE USA!¬†
  • PREVENTS THE TREATMENT OF ICE AREAS AND PREVENTION OF DAMAGE TO THE CEILING AND HOUSE: Regular removal of snow from your roof after snowstorms prevents the formation of ice dams on the edge of your roof.¬†It is recommended to clean the first 4-8 feet of the roof to avoid freezing problems, preventing damage to the tiles and your home.¬†
  • DESIGNED FOR STANDARD ASPHALT COVERINGS: The Original 500 was designed with 1.5 '' coverage.¬†wheels to carefully and safely remove heavy snow from your roof, protecting your standard tile roofs.¬†

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