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Room In A Room Tent


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Improve the quality of your sleep using a tent room. The tent not only creates a cozy place to sleep, but it is also made of a dense fabric that blocks up to 95% of the light and helps to keep out cold air so you can stay warm and toast indoors.

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  • Polyester
  • HAVE PRIVACY.¬†For adults and children, this is a great solution if you are sharing a room with other people.¬†(Dormitory, siblings' room, etc.).¬†Give this tent to your kids and they'll go to bed at the right time, which means you can relax and retire more too!¬†
  • SAVE YOU.¬†The tent blocks the airflow in the room, allowing fresh air to circulate inside through the mesh opening at the top.¬†Enjoy a comfortable and cozy sleep.¬†(DO NOT use near fire or flames.)
  • AREA TO RELAX & amp;¬†FOCUS.¬†This canopy is a great corner for reading, studying, meditation and more.¬†You can even turn it into a private cinema with your tablet or cell phone on the TPU BAND touch cover.¬†** If the TPU case is wrinkled, remove the wrinkles with a clothes steamer or hair dryer at low temperatures.¬†
  • EASY ACCESS with 3 doors.¬†Wide opening gates on the sides of the bed.¬†You can get in and out without disturbing the other in your bed.¬†A large gate at your feet so you can watch TV in full screen mode.¬†All gates can be fully closed up and down inside and out.¬†
  • TWIN SIZE for US TWIN mattress.¬†SIZE FULL / QUEEN for FULL / QUEEN mattress in the USA.¬†Place the tent on the mattress and pull down on each side and corner to accommodate the mattress.¬†Use a hook and loop on each corner to fit the tent on the mattress.¬†

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