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Samsung Space Monitor


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Free up wasted desk space by installing a Samsung Space monitor. In addition to the impressive 4K UDH resolution, the functional design allows the monitor to be pressed against the edge of the table to obtain a 40% more usable table area.

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Product Details

Discover the revolutionary 32-inch compact Samsung Space SR75 UHD 4K computer monitor (LS32R750UENXZA). This monitor is 32 "in diameter and adjusts up to 3.54" (90 millimeters). Take up less space on the table and on the wall thanks to the unique design; When the monitor is not in use, slide it so that it is pressed against the back wall. When the time comes to use it, pull the PC monitor towards you and place it in the desired position. With beautiful simple lines and elegant design, the Samsung Space Computer Monitor helps to hide cables. In addition, a bracket-type bracket is attached to the rear edge of the table to save space. This 32-inch monitor offers plenty of viewing space in 4K UHD resolution. View documents and web pages with less scrolling so you can work more easily with multiple windows and toolbars. With a 16: 9 aspect ratio, this monitor is great for light games, watching videos and working on any project. Use Image by Image to display two fonts on the screen at the same time without reducing the font resolution. Picture in picture helps to resize the second font to 25% of the screen and place it anywhere. Easily connect the Space PC monitor via HDMI or Mini Display. This monitor is great for workstations at home or in the office.


  • 32-inch 4K COMPUTER MONITOR for stunning images with realistic details.¬†
  • BEZEL WITHOUT THREE-SIDED FRAME and sleek, compact design with integrated handrest provide 40% more usable desk space to adjust viewing height.¬†
  • INTEGRATED CLAMP supports any table up to 3.54 "thick and allows quick and easy installation.
  • MULTIPLE CONNECTION OPTIONS available via HDMI and Mini Display. No support - 28 , 13 x 16.46 x 1.02 inches
  • 60 Hz

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