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Sealing Soda Can Lid


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Form a soda can lid to prevent your delicious soda from aging quickly. In addition to minimizing the risk of splashing, it keeps uncomfortable insects out of your drink and also helps the soda to last 58% longer than normal.

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Product Details

Smarter-Seal can help you save money and enjoy your favorite beverage cans for longer.¬†Stop throwing away these half-used cans because they ran out too quickly!¬†We've all been there - soft drinks are losing their shape very quickly.¬†Insects, flies and pesky bees love to make their flask their home.¬†This is not only disgusting and filthy, but a bee sting can be a serious health problem, especially in children.¬†Our soda can lids provide 100% complete protection not only for the opening, but for the entire top of the can.¬†They also prevent spills and keep your drinks fizzy for 58% more.¬†Our soda can lids are made of approved, BPA-free, safe and non-leachate plastic and have been tested for functionality by a third-party laboratory.¬†We are the only product on the market that can prove that our limits help to reduce carbonation.¬†The benefits of our carbonated drink caps: ‚ÄúCarbonated drinks last 58% longer with Smarter-Seal!¬†(* Tested in independent laboratories) - "No spills".¬†No germs.¬†There are no mistakes.¬†Keep Fizz!¬†- ‚ÄúReusable and recyclable -‚ÄĚ The ‚Äúpatented‚ÄĚ cap design makes the Smarter-Seal easy to use with a straw - great for kids!¬†‚ÄúSuper functional and easy to use.¬†‚ÄúThin, light and portable.¬†‚ÄúGreat for travel, sporting events, picnics, barbecues, camping trips and more.¬†Take it with you wherever you go!¬†What's in the box?¬†‚ÄúLids / soda can lids 2 Smarter-Seal‚Äú I loved those lids!¬†I drink a lot of sparkling water every day, this product saves me from having to open the half-open cans, thanks to the lids, the cans are carbonated!¬†"- Stephen S. We make the lids / caps more functional and convenient for cans of soft drinks and beverages. Punctuation! We guarantee that you will love the Smarter-Seal can lids or 100% money back! No questions asked! PS Also available in colors: 6, 8, multicolor, 12 and 24. Also check out our NEW recently launched food can lids and food can lids !!!


  • PATENTED (Patent No. 10 336 508, Patent No. 10 710 781) - "ORIGINAL" COVER WITH INTELLIGENT SEAL.¬†Slim & amp;¬†Easy.¬†Take it wherever you go!¬†Great for outdoor parties, barbecues, sailing, sporting events, beach, camping, fishing and fishing.¬†Travel through.¬†We are an American company - all we do is make the best covers!¬†
  • BEVERAGES 58% BEVERAGE LENGTH - compared to a standard open can (* Tested in independent laboratories).¬†Watch out for competitors' false claims about the same.¬†Smarter-Seal helps you save money &¬†Enjoy your favorite beverage cans for longer.¬†Stop throwing out half-used cans because they flatten out too quickly.¬†
  • NO SPILLS, NO STONES, NO ERRORS, KEEP THE SOURCE - fits into standard beverage cans (11.3 ounces, 12 ounces, 16 ounces and 19.2 ounces).¬†Not suitable for cans in Hawaii - great for soft drinks, beer, sparkling water, sparkling water, juice, coconut water, tea and more.¬†Our lids protect the top of the cans from insects, dust, dirt and more.¬†Microbes!¬†
  • SAFE and SAFE;¬†APPROVED - Safe, no leaching, BPA-free, recyclable & amp;¬†Reusable (plastic n¬ļ 4), the upper shelf can be washed in the dishwasher.¬†We believe in transparency, so we indicate what is included in our product, unlike other brands.¬†Our product has been independently tested and verified in accordance with the requirements.¬†Exceed approved standards.¬†Can other brands say the same?¬†
  • AVAILABILITY TO DRINK STRAW - great for kids.¬†Easy to turn on / off.¬†There is no need to remove the cap every time you drink.¬†It does not fly or jump like other brands.¬†Save & amp;¬†Store in the refrigerator for later.¬†

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