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Secret Compartment Sunscreen


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Ensure security in the dark of the beach by keeping your valuables protected from thieves in a secret sun protection compartment. What appears to be a discreet bottle of sunscreen is actually a secret container for storing your keys, money and documents.

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Product Details

It looks like a bottle of sunscreen, but this original waterproof safe is designed to hide credit cards, keys, money and is large enough to hide cell phones, including iPhones and Blackberry *.


  • It looks like a common tanning lotion, but it contains valuable items. 
  • It has enough space for most cell phones / iPhones, credit cards, keys and cash. 
  • Waterproof. stamp. 
  • It works like an invisible safe. 
  • Approximately 16.5 cm (H) x 6.7 cm (W) x 2.7 cm (D). 

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