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Seeding Squares


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Transform your arid backyard into a lush and vibrant garden with these planting lots. Each of these compact modular squares is ideal for any size of yard and offers ideal conditions for growing a variety of plants and vegetables with a minimum of weeds.

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  • VEGETABLE GARDEN - SIMPLE Plant your garden with ease and plant (many) more products in less space.¬†This innovative gardening tool ensures that you plant seeds (and seedlings) at the right distance from each other, making the most of the available space.¬†Bonus: this arrangement of plants reduces the amount of exposed soil, which results in less water evaporation and less water consumption for your garden.¬†
  • LIGHT SPACEūü•í Using a sowing square on the day of planting organizes your garden like a dream and saves time when it comes to weeding - perfectly positioned plants make weeds appear like a bruised thumb (don't look any further) be it a weed or a seedling).¬†Bonus: maximizing space creates a thicker and more dense canopy of plants, which reduces the space available for weed growth.¬†Goodbye weeds!¬†
  • ūüßÖ ALL AGES & amp;¬†ALL GARDENS ūüĆ∂ÔłŹ Beginners, professionals, enthusiasts and children, the square seed spacer will delight everyone.¬†Whether your cultivation area is a community garden, a flower bed, a garden garden, a school garden or a corner of the yard, this is the tool you need to plant your garden.¬†Tip: In large gardens, it is still possible to form rows by repeatedly pushing and sowing the same type of vegetables.¬†
  • ‚ÄúTHREE EASY STEPS‚ÄĚ Here's what you do ... 1.) Press the square against the ground.¬†2.) Drill holes.¬†3.) Plant the seeds.¬†That's it - the distance between the seeds is decided!¬†Includes a seeding spacing template with color-coded holes, a magnetized seed meter with depth markings and a seed scoop, a seed mandrel and a color-coded planting guide showing the distances between 46 different fruits and vegetables.¬†- everything is ready for the day of planting!¬†
  • "CREATED FOR DURATION" We try to think of everything, including longevity.¬†Seeding Square is made of high quality ABS plastic for long lasting durability.¬†Buy once and plant for many years.¬†The compact, lightweight design can be conveniently stored after use and cleaned with a garden hose or sink.¬†Contact your dealer to obtain the manual / instructions in PDF format.¬†Add the #seedingsquare #growyourfood & amp;¬†#plantingday

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