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Sega Genesis iPhone Case


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Get rid of the old school by protecting your precious phone with the Sega Genesis iPhone case. This retro case slides quickly and easily, providing some SEGA-style protection against scratches and drops, allowing full access to the touchscreen.

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Product Details

For the first time, the look and feel of the most iconic gaming systems in SEGA history is now available for your iPhone 5 / 5s in realistic silicone cases that transform classic 3D gaming style in your hands. This replica of the SEGA Genesis system has embossed and contoured elements that look incredible, while providing quick and easy access to all the features of the iPhone 5 / 5s. The silicone case locks securely in place and includes a special SEGA Genesis-style screen protector at no extra cost to protect your iPhone from fingerprints, dust and scratches. (Not compatible with iPhone 5c)


  • Classic 3D games in the palm of your hand.¬†
  • Drawing a copy of SEGA & nbsp;¬†Genesis
  • Quick and easy access to all the features of the iPhone 5 / 5s
  • Suitable for all iPhone 5 / 5s phones that are not compatible with the iPhone 5c.¬†
  • Includes a dedicated SEGA Genesis System screen protector at no extra cost.¬†

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