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Self Defense Pepper Spray Gun


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Walk with confidence knowing that you are armed with a pepper spray for self-defense. Weighing only 28 grams, this lightweight spray gun allows you to quickly release a steady stream of pepper spray from up to six meters away.

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Product Details

At Mace, we believe that there is strength in the preparation. Mace personal protective equipment will prepare you to protect yourself wherever you are, and the Pepper Gun 2.0 Mace Brand is the ideal self-defense tool. Easy to grab, aim and fire, this pepper spray gun is designed for maximum safety and accuracy. The easy-to-load OC pepper spray cartridge locks in place and a retractable safety switch prevents accidental firing. The pistol grip is designed for precision. Integrated LED lighting allows you to distract and stop oncoming threats. The elegant delivery system contains 7 explosions and sprays from up to 6 meters away. The pepper spray OC causes difficulty breathing and coughing, blurred vision and a strong burning sensation on the skin. The UV dye leaves a lingering residue for research and identification. An integrated Picatinny rail is included for optional accessories. USE: Prepare the pepper spray by quickly swirling the pepper gun before aiming. Use the pepper spray with your index finger on the trigger and press and hold for two to three seconds. For added safety and comfort, your pepper gun comes with a water cartridge and an OC pepper spray cartridge. Holster 80105 sold separately. The pepper spray of the Mace brand is different. To be clear, Mace is pepper spray. But not all pepper sprays are from the Mace brand. Mays started by inventing a chemical compound in 1965, which later turned into a pepper spray in the 1980s. We continue to innovate the industry with effective formulas, responsive delivery systems and new safety features that provide maximum protection and peace of mind. . Our products are trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world. Look for the brand name of a genuine Mace brand product. We created our seal of authenticity to differentiate the Mace brand from other products.


  • ACCURATE AND LONG TERM PROTECTION - Precise & amp;¬†The efficient Mace Brand Pepper Gun 2.0 combines an advanced delivery system with a powerful formula to defend against far-reaching threats.¬†Its form of energy flow offers long-range protection of up to 20 feet.¬†
  • FORMULA FORMULA - OC pepper spray causes difficulty breathing and coughing, blurred vision and severe skin burn, while the UV dye leaves a lasting mark.¬†strong balance to support research and identification.¬†
  • INTEGRATED ACCESSORIES - This self-defense spray comes with an integrated dual-mode LED strobe that distracts attention from threats and improves aiming.¬†In addition, the Picatinny rail allows you to fit accessories.¬†
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE - This pepper spray from the Mace brand is easy to load and features a pistol design for maximum accuracy when aiming and firing, while a slide switch prevents accidents or misfire.¬†
  • BRAND MACE - Mace is pepper spray, but not all pepper sprays are from the Mace brand.¬†We continue to innovate the industry with powerful formulas, responsive delivery systems and new security features that provide maximum protection and peace of mind.¬†
  • PRACTICAL WATER CARTRIDGE - Includes a water cartridge that allows you to practice safely with your weapon.¬†
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