Self Defense Shoelace Insert


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Attacks happen when you least expect them Рnow you can always be ready to defend yourself with this self-defense rope insert. This potentially life-saving self-defense tool is made of impact-resistant plastic, which gives your foot a more powerful, but not lethal, kick.

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Product Details

Fury Products' Kuba-Kickz is the only non-lethal self-defense tool available for your shoes. It fits on the tongue and between the laces of the shoes to provide a simple, lightweight, yet incredibly effective non-lethal self-defense tool. Kuba-Kickz can be used by anyone, regardless of level of self-defense training. Quick kicks to the attacker's arms and legs can help him avoid a dangerous attack; even a simple kick in the shins will make the attacker rethink the wisdom of aiming at you. Excellent for those looking for a lightweight, discreet and hidden protection tool. Available in several matching colors. Buy two for extra protection. 1 "wide, 2.5" long and 1.25 "high.


  • Construction of a part made of durable and impact resistant plastic.¬†
  • Extremely effective, regardless of the user's level of self-defense training.¬†
  • The only non-lethal self-defense device designed for shoes
  • Fits shoe laces over the tongue.¬†
  • Discreet and ultralight, but incredibly effective