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Self Locking Universal Knife Block


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Make your kitchen a safer place for children by storing cutlery in this versatile block of self-locking knives. The block securely holds the knives with a cam mechanism that can only be unlocked by pressing a button on the side.

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Product Details

For parents with young children, home security is paramount. And when it comes to sharp kitchen knives, many people choose to hide these items in a drawer. But then the box must be protected, the blades can be easily damaged and it can be dangerous to remove them, if necessary. Joseph Joseph Lock Block is the perfect solution. The innovative design locks knives securely inside the block and requires an adult-sized hand to operate, which means that most children aged 5 and under will not be able to pull the knives. As each knife fits into the knife groove, its blade is held securely in place by a unique cam mechanism. Pulling the knife only increases the power of the handle, so the knives cannot simply be pushed out of the block. To remove the knife from the block block, you must firmly press the release button located on both sides for left and right hand operation. But, because of its position and the strength needed to push it, only a person with an adult-sized hand can do this. The internal mechanism does not damage the blades of expensive knives, as it has a smooth rubber surface. Clean with a damp cloth. Posted by Joseph Joseph, form and function assistant.


  • Joseph Joseph's innovative universal knife block.¬†
  • Child protection mechanism;¬†the knives are securely attached to the base.¬†
  • Fits most standard kitchen knives;¬†knives are not included.¬†
  • The block has a smooth rubber surface;¬†it will not damage the knife blade.¬†
  • Clean the unit with a damp cloth.¬†

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