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Seven-Pack Bottle Holder


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Store your beer in this neoprene bottle holder to keep it cool while you are in the tailgate. With a capacity for up to 7 beers, it is entirely made of neoprene to keep drinks cold and has an easy-to-carry handle.

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Product Details

StubbyStrip is perfect for boating, camping, fishing, ponytails, barbecues, parties, going to events, swimming pool, beach tips, picnics, sporting events, car racing ... not to mention that it is perfect for adventure in a mobile home! We are not going to replace your big refrigerator. Instead, think of your cooler as the mothership and StubbyStrip as a module that detaches to go outside. Since the Stubby Strip is made of neoprene, you can place it directly in the refrigerator to cool your drinks faster. When you're ready for this cold drink, you don't have to fish around in ice and ice water for a drink, just pull out your loaded StubbyStrip and you're ready for the races! You may ask, "How do the bottles not fall?" It's simple - when you wrap the StubbyStrip, the tension joins the bottles or cans. So, when you catch it, gravity will do the rest! The very weight that pulls the seams compresses each slot in the StubbyStrip, ensuring a comfortable fit for each precious drink.


  • Ideal way to transport and keep from 1 to 7 cold drinks.¬†
  • Made of quality neoprene material that acts as insulation to keep drinks cold longer.¬†
  • StubbyStrip is perfect for boating, camping, fishing, tail riding, barbecues, parties, hiking for events, swimming pool, beach tips, picnics, sporting events and more.¬†
  • The perfect gift for ANY occasion.¬†

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