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Shade Shifter Multichrome Nail Polish


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Instantly transform the look of your manicure by painting your nails with this multi-chrome varnish that changes colors. This unique hue changes depending on how the light hits it, making it appear as red-orange, violet, blue, cyan and many other colors.

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Product Details

The Shade Shifter is a multicolor that changes depending on the light and the angle from blue to blue, red-orange, purple, etc. Most of the time I see a blue tint. Better to use 3 coats or 1 coat on top of black, this varnish is the one you need to see to believe! Type: Multichrome glitter. Brightness amount: None. Brightness size: None. Recommended coats: It is recommended to use 3 coats or 1 coat over black, this varnish is what you have to be sure of! Notes: No. Multicolored nail polishes are some of the most disturbing nail polishes out there. Changing, shifting, transforming colors - everything depends on the angle of your tips. These nail polishes are just incredible: simply by changing the angle at which you look at your nails, you can instantly see the color change of the nail polish, without the need to change the temperature or the sun! Just move your fingers and toes and watch the magic as these polished tones dazzle you with their magical ability to change color.


  • Multicolor polishing that changes color - changes color depending on the viewing angle.¬†
  • Best if used 3 layers or 1 layer on black.¬†
  • DOES NOT contain toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl.¬†Phthalate
  • Flat brush for easy application.¬†
  • 15 ml bottle of normal size.¬†

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