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Shark Attack Mug


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Drink carefully Рa fatal surprise awaits you at the bottom of the mug. When you drink slowly, and the liquid level drops, the deadly shark reveals itself, probably scaring even the first drinker to death.

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Product Details

The first sips of this innocent-looking porcelain mug are very boring, but as you drink, things get a lot more interesting. What is hidden in the dark depths of your breakfast? HOLY SHIT, THIS IS A SHARK. Yes, the bottom of this 8.3 cm high porcelain mug shows the imposing head of a huge white shark attacking you. A classic joke that is funny and confusing. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • Suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.¬†
  • Start your morning with fear.¬†
  • Guests from the fool's house

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