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Shipping Container Cabinets


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Give your home or garage the extra storage space it needs, using one of these cabinets for shipping containers. These portable cabinets can be stacked like boxes to provide a robust and secure place to store your belongings and can be locked from the outside for easy transport.

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Product Details

Inspired by the colorful mosaics that spring from each container terminal, in all ports of the world, Sander Mulder's Pandora Cabinet perfectly combines industrial design and high functionality. Stack, rotate, mix and match containers in infinite configurations. Available in five colors and three sizes. Estimated lead time: 8 to 10 weeks For orders within the European Union, send us an email. Features: Material: powder coated steel, smoked glass. Optional: glass or metal shelf. Optional: the internal color is the same as the external or white. FourPainted Finish: Pure Orange, Traffic White or other color options Six different exterior color options available Warranty: 3 year manufacturer's defect warranty Made in the Netherlands Designed by Sander Mulder, 2008 Dimensions Product dimensions Small: 40.5 "L x 19.7 "x 19.7" H Medium: 40.5 "W x 19.7" x 39.4 "H Large: 40.5" W x 19.7 "D x 78.7" Colors Designer Sander Mulder (1978), born in 1978, started studying design in 1996, fueled by his creativity and ingenuity as a child. This became his lifelong passion. Successful graduation from Eindhoven's Design Academy in 2002 led to the opening of his own project Studios His work is a combination of strong lines and subtle details, innovative methods and bold affirmations Archetypes and his interpretation / acceptance by humanity is an inexhaustible source of inspiration See the tags of the Sander Mulder collections: wardrobe on wheels, colorful wardrobe, commercial cabinet, cupboard metal, modern wardrobe, pandora wardrobe

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