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Shower Shaving Foot Rest


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A shaving footrest in the shower is a faithful companion to a woman’s shaving leg in the shower.¬†For those women who love a shaved leg without the noise of sitting in the bathtub or falling with their legs spread, this footrest saves and shaves the day.

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Product Details

This footrest with a suction cup will help increase the safety of your bathroom. Mom's footrest Safe er Grip makes it easier to shave your legs in the shower, giving you legroom anytime you want. Safe er Grip helps maintain balance while shaving in the shower, without placing your body weight on the product.


  • The tile squares must be at least 4 "x 4" in diameter for tile.¬†
  • Placed at any time to shave in the shower.¬†Easy to move or move.¬†
  • Inclined for better balance.¬†
  • Fits directly into the shower wall.¬†
  • Easy installation.¬†If the device is necessary to support the weight of the entire body or is used as a lever, it is recommended to install a traditional permanent footrest.¬†
  • It must be applied on smooth, dry and non-porous surfaces, such as enameled ceramic, plastic or glass tiles.¬†The product does not adhere to textured or uneven surfaces;¬†this surface MUST be smooth and level.¬†
  • Do not place over the mortar line, as this allows air to move under the suction cup, releasing it from fixing.¬†
  • Always check to ensure firm suction before each use.¬†
  • WARNING: Will only be used as a balance aid - NOT to increase body weight
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