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Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow


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Sleep more comfortably than ever before by placing this side chest support pillow between the twins. Designed to sleep on the side with C-shaped breasts and above, it helps prevent wrinkles with repeated use and is ideal for post-operative situations and pregnancy.

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Product Details

Kush breast pads are actually small, comfortable pillows that stay between your breasts while you sleep. Breast pillows are fixed between the breasts, separating them during the night of sleep - with that, the delicate skin of the breasts does not stretch or stretch (dà © colletà ©). With the chest pads, you can sleep in any position you want (on your side, face down, on your back) and you can sleep anywhere (in bed, in the car, on the plane, in travel mathematics, etc.). After 40- 45 years old, we could all see wrinkles on our breasts (especially if we have big breasts) and neck - in fact, skin wrinkles are indicators of our age and are also indicators of our lack of knowledge about how to prevent skin wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by the "displacement" of the skin during sleep. Our aging leads to the breakdown of collagen - collagen thins naturally, making your skin more susceptible to wrinkles. During sleep, wrinkles appear on the skin of the breast (d col © colleté) due to lateral sleep or pressure on the chest. Kush breast pads were invented as a means of eliminating and preventing chest wrinkles. Kush breast pads can prevent chest wrinkles, as well as correct chest wrinkles. During our life (especially during the reproductive period) we experience periods of breast tenderness - during the premenstrual period, after breast surgery (for medical and / or cosmetic reasons), during some hormonal procedures, after cardiac surgery, during menopause (sometimes) etc. During the healing process, breast tenderness itself can be painful and stressful, but it can also cause unpleasant wrinkles in the chest (damage to the breast). Kush breast pads soothe and support the healing process.


  • 2 sizes for any breast size (share with a friend what you don't need!)
  • Nice pink carrying case.¬†
  • Kush supports sensitive breasts due to pregnancy or surgery
  • Kush helps prevent "chest wrinkles" with regular use.¬†
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