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Silicone Jar Scraping Spoon


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Make sure you get the last bite in the cans by exchanging your traditional spoon for this silicone tin scraping spoon. The ingenious design with a flat squeegee tip and flexible edges will effectively clean hard-to-reach areas and corners.

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Product Details

The Dream Farm Mini vendor will scrape any food scraps from the pot or bowl using the flat silicone scraper and the flexible sides of the spoon. Keeps countertops and counters clean and ensures food hygiene thanks to the unique design of the handle that allows you to lift and lift the spoon off the counter.


  • POSITION, CLEANING AND SERVICE |¬†Mini Supoon is 1 teaspoon of our Supoon, the best kitchen spoon in the world!¬†It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scrapers, making it ideal for scraping any chocolate paste residue out of the can!¬†
  • MEASURES |¬†Mini Supoon is great for serving spices and is the perfect size for a teaspoon.¬†With all these incredible features, the Mini Supoon really matches, scratches and lives up to its name.¬†
  • NOT FREE |¬†The smart handle design means you don't need a spoon holder.¬†When the Supoon's head is lifted off the counter, the kitchen countertops remain clean and the Supoon hygienic, making it perfect for serving sauces and tapas!¬†
  • MANAGE THE HEAT |¬†Stay calm when the kitchen gets hot!¬†Mini Supoon is safe for use in non-stick pans, thanks to its 260 ¬į C / 500 ¬į F heat-resistant silicone tip. It can also be washed in the dishwasher.¬†
  • WHERE DREAMS ARE CREATED |¬†At Dreamfarm, we create functional kitchen utensils and home accessories as creative solutions to everyday problems.¬†Find the perfect gift or item to decorate your home and kitchen from our extraordinary collection.¬†

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