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Single Malt Bourbon Lip Balm


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This malt whiskey lip balm is the only acceptable way for drunken dogs to avoid chapped lips. The lipstick moisturizes and protects the lips, leaving behind a subtle aroma of sweet, sweet bourbon. There is even a Moscow and Margaret mule.

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ATTENTION! The US postal service is experiencing interruptions and delays across the country. Some first class packages take 12 days to arrive. Fun gifts for him, gift for dad, gift for brother, gift for husband - a trio of lip balms for handmade cocktails - the perfect gourmet gift, filling for dad or boyfriend, or a novelty for the lover of whiskey in your life. healing ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera butter, hemp oil, beeswax, zinc oxide (natural sunscreen). Set includes 1 - Bourbon lip balm 1 - Margarita lip balm 1 - Moscow Mule lip balm This lip balm inspired by artificial liquor is the perfect Father's Day gift for dad, brother, boyfriend or if you love whiskey like me (good to know , let's be friends!) Imagine: Now guys, it's night, you are comparing notes, trying to fly whiskey or relaxing with other cigar lovers, when you start to feel crazy ... what are you doing? You can't get the sticky chapstick out of the pharmacy, as it will spoil your taste buds. Now you can whiskey your way with our Bourbon Lip Balm, perfectly packaged to match the most modern surroundings. This lip balm is not only fun and entertaining, but also intensely moisturizing and contains zinc, which is a natural tanning cream. Develop a new bad habit and make every hour a happy hour. Keep your friends close and your bourbon close. "Write drunk, edit sober." Ernest Hemmingway Black & Kraft lipstick is 2.62 "in size and contains 0.15 ounces (lasts 3-6 months with daily use)


Question: How do I purchase just the Moscow Mule?
Answer: Here is a new listing for just the Moscow Mule Lip balm Thank You!

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