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Skeleton Hand Wall Mounted Guitar Grip


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Keep your ax like a complete bully by placing it on this wall frame style hand grip. It features an integrated ¼ ”20-counter steel bracket that securely holds it, swivels to fit most guitars and comes with a padded neck protector.

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Product Details

These horrible hands are exactly what the mad doctor ordered to complement his metal lair. Live dangerously with this wild handmade design with incredible details to accentuate any guitar or bass. Get out of a toxic zombie tomb or take a long trip with the Grip Reaper - all of which add excitement to your favorite ax. Be sure to keep an eye open, as other classic monsters are under construction ... The Grip Reaper is painted white, painted with an airbrush and glazed for a realistic skeletal finish and then covered with a clear matte coating for added durability.


  • Padded insert to protect the neck of a guitar / bass / banjo or other item. 
  • Soft felt on the base to protect the wall from damage. 
  • Easy to install with a built-in 20-point ¼ ”steel rack. 
  • Wheel to accommodate most horseshoe styles. 
  • Standard mounting accessories included. 

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