Sledgehammer Battering Ram


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Make your way through almost any obstacle you encounter using a ram with a sledgehammer. The ingenious design includes several tools in a simple and incredibly versatile package that you can easily carry with you.

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Product Details

Sledgehammer. RAM. Crowbar. All three are indispensable theft tools for operators who need to get through doors quickly. The Ding Dong combines these three instruments in a compact package. The extended hammer head features mechanical incubation that effectively cuts through doors and other surfaces, minimizing slippage and maximizing impact. The large lever bar at the end of the handle is ideal for insertion into door frames.


  • Forged and machined head for impact and impact.¬†
  • Forged end of the assembly.¬†
  • Molded fiberglass cable.¬†
  • Transport system compatible with MOLLE.¬†
  • Quick release belt.¬†