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Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows


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Make sure you have the correct neck cervical alignment when sleeping, using one of these sleep yoga pads. It follows the natural curve of the neck and allows you to easily change your sleeping position with your back to the side without having to adjust or fold the pillow.

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Product Details

Good sleep and yoga are good for the body. Yoga helps to strengthen our central muscles and keeps our bodies flexible, which in turn improves posture; This not only slows down the effects of time and avoids stiffness and pain, but it also allows us to breathe more freely. This increased flow of oxygen improves our overall health and makes us feel more alive and rested. Our Sleep Yoga Posture cushions are designed to provide the same benefits, while comfortably improving your posture while you sleep. Designed by a chiropractor, sleep veteran and industrial designer, Sleep Yoga Posture cushions are designed with any angle, contour and surface to accommodate changing body dynamics and help you maintain optimal posture. We offer two versions of this popular pillow! The original dual position neck pillow, kind of soft, ideal for children, small adults or for those looking for a softer and fluffy pillow. The new medium-firm double position neck cushion offers comfort and greater support for adults and those who prefer a more rigid cushion. The construction of 45% cotton and 55% Lyocell makes the Sleep Yoga Posture pillows soft, hypoallergenic, absorbent and resistant to wrinkles. The medium to medium soft, two-position neck pillow is breathable, keeps you cool while you sleep and keeps your shape over time. Sleep Yoga Posture cushions are innovative, fresh and, best of all, comfortable. Each Sleep Yoga Posture pillow is made in America using a patented filling imported from Denmark (the land of fairy tales!). The result is a sleep product with quality and benefits that you've probably never seen or experienced before. Size: 20 x 28 inch standard / queen size


  • 80% cotton 20% polyester Coolmax
  • Made in the USA.¬†
  • Ergonomic design facilitates changing the sleeping position from back to side without adjusting or folding the pillow
  • Emphasizes the natural curve of the neck during sleep, providing additional support and promoting proper alignment of the neck of the cervical spine.¬†
  • Soft, machine washable, hypoallergenic and made from biodegradable materials.¬†

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