Slow Cooker Disposable Liners


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Avoid dirty dishes the next time you cook dinner using these disposable multicooker liners. Designed to contain the toughest ingredients without damage, they are perfect for cooking without mess, making them ideal for the lazy cook.

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Product Details

Prepare memorable meals with the Reynolds slow cooker accessory and save time on cleaning. Take these multicooker bags to cook slowly, without trying to get rid of any trapped debris. Simply lift the multicooker pad when cooking is complete and your multicooker is clean in less than eight seconds - guaranteed! Each 13 "x 21" multicooker bag is suitable for 1-3 liter round and oval multicooker and is made of a BPA-free heat resistant (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) nylon blend construction. Spend more time with loved ones and less in the kitchen with these Reynolds Kitchens safe food slow cooker inserts.


  • SLOW COOKING PADS: This kit includes six Reynolds multicooker liners, each 13 "x 21", for round and oval multicooker capacities from 3 to 8 liters.¬†
  • EASY CLEANING: These robust and reliable multicooker bags reduce the cleaning time of the multicooker to 8 seconds or less, guaranteed.¬†
  • DO NOT DIVE OR DELETE: Place these multicooker bags in the multicooker to prevent debris from getting stuck and sticking together.¬†
  • WITHOUT BPA & amp;¬†SAFE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES: Each multicooker bag is made of a BPA-free nylon blend that is safe for low, medium and low temperatures.¬†high settings.¬†
  • COOKING MEAL: The next time you cook peppers, pork stew, stews, soups, etc., use the Reynolds multicooker.¬†more to spend less time cleaning & amp;¬†more time with your loved ones