Slow Feed Dog Bowl


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Add a little touch – or, say, spin – to your furry friend’s food with a slow-feeding dog bowl.¬†The peculiar spiral pattern of the bowl creates a fun challenge for your pet, helping to reduce bloating, obesity and regurgitation, forcing the dog to eat slowly.

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Although your furry friend no longer has to fight for food, these survival instincts can persist even with the best-trained puppy. That's why, at Outward Hound, we created Fun Feeder Slo Bowl dog bowls with handles to stretch food and many challenging mazes. Fun Feeder Slo Bowls keep puppies 10x longer while they eat, which helps improve overall digestion and helps furry friends adapt to a healthier lifestyle! With over 1 million dog bowls sold in different sizes and maze styles, you will surely find one that suits your dog's personality and food preferences. Large / Standard for up to 4 cups of dry food, Medium / Mini for 2 cups and Small / Tiny for 3/4 cups. SAFETY AND CARE: This is not a chew toy. If the fun feeder is damaged, remove and replace it. Do not use a microwave oven. Only for pets. It is not a child's toy. It can be washed in the dishwasher on the upper shelf at low temperatures.


  • FOOD SLOW DOWN TO 10 TIMES: The Outward Hound Fun dog food bowls with unique design feature elongated tips to help your dog reduce meal time by up to 10!¬†
  • DIGESTIVE AIDS: Common problems that occur in hungry dogs include canine bloating, regurgitation and obesity.¬†Our Fun Feeder Slo bowls challenge and engage your dog while he eats, helping to reduce overeating.¬†
  • MADE WITH ANTI-USE BASE AND SAFE FOOD MATERIALS: Outward Hound's fun Slo Dog Bowls are designed with a non-slip sole to keep fun and food in check while your dog scans for fun patterns .¬†The bowls are BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free.¬†
  • DIET VARIETY: the fun feeders are available in several sizes and different comb formats.¬†These bowls are great for dry, moist or raw foods.¬†Large / Standard for up to 4 cups of dry food, Medium / Mini for 2 cups and Small / Tiny for 3/4 cups.¬†
  • EASY CLEANING: Fun dog food bowls are always on top.¬†It can be washed in the dishwasher.¬†Less work for you - more time to play dog ‚Äč‚Äčlater!¬†