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Smart Gun Lock


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Add an extra line of security to your personal firearm with this smart gun lock. This specific gauge padlock easily connects to your semi-automatic part for instant locking and unlocking and will even send notifications to your phone if your weapon is tampered with.

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Product Details

VERY IMPORTANT!¬†CHECK THE COMPATIBILITY LIST BELOW.¬†Z√ÉňúRE-X is a gauge electromechanical lock that connects to semiautomatic firearms, preventing unauthorized use and ensuring immediate use by the owner when necessary.¬†Z√ÉňúRE X is the fastest way to switch from locked firearms to disengaged, loading the projectile and firing.¬†The revolutionary combined display RAPIDIAL ZORE X is designed to unlock quickly in all circumstances, even in conditions of zero visibility.¬†The dial counts clicks and quickly recognizes the correct sequence.¬†You do not need to start from a specific point, and even the direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) in which you start to rotate the dial does not matter.¬†These two factors allow you to unlock the weapon without looking at it.¬†You can select up to 20 digits by pressing up to 9 rings on each digit.¬†You can skip the last digit and the lock will still recognize the correct combination and will be unlocked immediately.¬†You won't realize how fast it is until you try it yourself.¬†LOCKING MECHANISM Locked - the ZORE-X cartridge is hanging in the chamber without exerting any pressure on the gun.¬†Any attempt to load the pistol causes radial expansion of the cartridge with 10 times the force applied to it.¬†Prevents movement and immediately blocks the pistol.¬†Meters: 9√ā - 19 9 mm Weight: 4.7 oz (135 g) Color: Black and Yellow Materials: AISI 4340, ST.S 17-4 PH, H900, Silicone, Nylon 6/6 GF, Peek Battery: CR2 Battery 3.0 V Lifetime: 3500 locks / unlocks - approximately 2-3 years of standard usage standards: FCC, CA prop65, CPSIA compliant The Zore X Core is a California approved firearm safety device that complies with Section 23655 of the Criminal Code and the regulations published in accordance with it.


  • ZORE X is a camera lock designed primarily to prevent unauthorized children and others from accessing firearms.¬†
  • Zore X offers the fastest way to move from locked to loaded: when loading a weapon, the lock is released and the projectile is loaded immediately.¬†
  • The patented RAPIDial, a revolutionary dial, unlocks quickly under any circumstances - even in zero visibility - by counting clicks.¬†Start from anywhere and in any direction.¬†
  • When the Zore X is locked, loading the gun causes the cartridge to expand further, blocking the shutter, making it virtually tamper-proof until the RAPIDial code is activated.¬†
  • The California Department of Justice has approved firearm guards with a battery of 3,500 locks / unlocks - approximately 2-3 years of normal use.¬†Compatible with Glock 17,19,26,34,43 SW Shield SW M&P, SIG 320, CM.¬†COMPLETE LIST BELOW

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