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Smart Vault Biometric Safe


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Keep your weapons out of the wrong hands and, at the same time, keep them easily accessible by storing them in this smart biometric vault. It is capable of storing up to 15 different fingerprints, so it can be opened easily with a touch of your finger.

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Product Details

Securely store your valuables or firearms in Liberty Safe's new Home Defender (HD) series.¬†The HDX-250 Smart Vault provides fast and secure access with our 5th generation BIOMETRIC finger technology.¬†It is the most reliable biometric login system available, with the highest accuracy and the lowest bounce rate on the market.¬†Speed ‚Äč‚Äčis important!¬†Biometric swipe input can be obtained in 1 second using the AC adapter (included) and in less than 2 seconds (1.63 to be exact) with a 9 V battery (included).¬†Smart Vaults can accommodate 15 different fingerprints.¬†The HDX-250 has an automatic door opener, just slide and the door will open.¬†The mounting holes are located at the bottom of the direct mounting box.¬†The HDX-250 is designed to safely store your firearms until you need them.¬†The Heavy Duty 14 gauge steel door has built-in theft-proof pull tabs and a reinforced locking system designed specifically to resist theft and other intrusion attempts.¬†Liberty develops and tests everything we have created so that you can trust your safe to protect your firearms and your family.¬†Liberty is known for its quality and is behind the HDX models, offering a 5-year replacement warranty for any defect.¬†Speed ‚Äč‚Äčand security when you need it most.¬†Don't be content to protect your family ... trust the best, trust freedom!¬†Made in the United States!¬†Most reliable biometric system available Fast and secure finger access 15 Fingerprint memory Illuminated automatic opening door Tamper resistant interior Robust steel construction Compatible with most gun sizes Includes AC adapter Wrench backup


  • The most secure biometric system available.¬†
  • Fast and secure finger access to the screen
  • 15 fingerprint memory - automatic opening door - internal lighting
  • Tamper resistant design - fits more in pistol size.¬†
  • Key backup - 5 year warranty - Includes AC adapter

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