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Snail Jelly Mask


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Get the youthful, shiny and slimy skin you’ve always dreamed of with these snail jelly masks.¬†Each mask is covered with real snail secretion, which is known to have many skin regenerating properties.

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  • [SNAIL SECTION] 5,000 ppm of Snail Secretion Filtrate (SSF) contained in a Premium Sheet coated with hydrogel made in Korea.¬†
  • [KEY BENEFITS] 1. Anti-aging 2. Skin regeneration 3. Radiance 4. Moisturizing effect on the face.¬†
  • [CLINICALLY PROVEN] Regenerative ingredients formulated to maximize absorption and hydration.¬†
  • [EASY TO USE] The hydrogel enriched with serum adapts perfectly to your body.¬†the skin leads to deep hydration.¬†
  • [FREE] No snail will be hurt or stressed during leachate collection.¬†

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