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SOG Throwing Knife Set


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Increase your chances of hitting your target with this SOG throwing knife set. Each stainless steel knife expertly crafted in this set features a fully balanced spearhead design and is complemented by a paracord-wrapped handle for better grip.

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Product Details

SOG Fling Classic throwing knife set with scabbard - 3 pcs.


  • SET OF 3 PACK GAME: Ideal practice of throwing knives for those who throw frequently and with force; use them as professional throwing knives and get even more value per bid than more expensive sets of knives. 
  • 9.5 INCH STAINLESS STEEL LAUNCHING KNIVES: More durable than conventional and martial arts throwing knives; Each knife is made of stainless steel, from heel to tip, with a 7-foot paracord handle. 
  • TACTICAL LAUNCH CONSTRUCTION: Well thought out for many professional target launch styles; no rotation, combat rotation, fun freestyle and more. 
  • MULTI NYLON GAME KNIVES: launching knife sheath for ballistic competition; secure all 3 knives with a velcro strip and secure with a strip loop. 
  • KNIVES FOR LIFE SOG: take care of your throwing knives, and we will take care of you; we will be happy to repair and replace SOG equipment with proper maintenance. 
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