Solar Powered Cooker


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Keep the green light on in your next outdoor kitchen by grilling on a solar powered stove.¬†On sunny days, you can boil water in just 10 minutes, while the grill temperature reaches 750 ¬į F – and you can use a variety of kitchen utensils.

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  • 100% SOL - Cook without propane, gas, fire or electricity.¬†The SolSource Classic solar cooker harnesses the power of the sun by reflecting and amplifying its rays towards your kitchen utensils.¬†Just point it at the sun for a quick and tasty meal in the backyard.¬†Advanced self-curing polymers maximize sun exposure and ensure mirror durability.¬†
  • TEMPERATURE 550 ¬į F (300 ¬į C) - This stove not only reaches temperatures comparable to kitchen ovens, but it also reaches this temperature five times faster than a charcoal grill.¬†In addition, you can control the temperature by adjusting the reflectors for grilled meats perfectly with that aromatic crunch on the outside and tender cooked entrails.¬†What's more, you don't need to bend over and bend over while cooking.¬†
  • COOKING FOR HEALTH.¬†Cooking with solar energy means that toxic vapors are not expelled during cooking.¬†In addition, you will not be contaminated with soot or ashes when using charcoal grills.¬†The solar grid, 100% recyclable, was designed to have a positive and clean impact on the environment, emitting zero carbon emissions, making this solar powered oven beneficial for you and the planet Earth.¬†
  • SOLAR BACKYARD STOVE - SolSource Classic is ideal for cooking in the yard or patio.¬†Whether it is a hot summer day or a sunny winter day, the solar cooker can be used whenever the sun is visible.¬†The stove weighs 39.6 pounds, so it can be moved around the patio as needed to watch children play, free up more space for guests or find more ideal sunlight.¬†
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Don't do that.¬†worry about having to wash your mirrors.¬†All you need is soapy water and a cloth to clean the grease after cooking with SolSource Classic.¬†Dry the water with a soft towel and it will be ready for the next use.¬†Solar reflectors remain cold during use, so you don't have to wait for the plate to cool before cleaning the mirrors.¬†