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Solar Powered Light Up Mason Jar


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Keep your yard lit without increasing your electricity bill with this solar powered lit jar lid. The metal lid fits into any standard mason jar and has a built-in solar panel that provides up to 12 hours of light on a single charge.

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Product Details

The Moon shiner lid has a practical two-piece adapter that allows you to turn any standard masonry jar into bright sunlight. Fits any standard size stone jug; AAA battery included. The antique silver coating adds a special touch to the moonlight. Buy carefully only at Amazon or at Verified Amazon Partners to ensure authentic Primitives by Kathy gifts and decor with high quality prints, embroidery and fabrics. In 1997, Katie made her first "primitive candle box" by hand, carefully considering every detail, from the polished edges to the type of ribbon tied to wire handles, each of which was a matter of passion. As Primitives by Kathy grows, the company works to recover money, from the initial relationship with goodwill services to various other charitable causes, both managed by the company and those that the company supports on behalf of its employees. They are constantly inspired by the people, places and things around us. Katie travels the world to take first-hand inspiration from cultures around the world. Search all of Katie's Primitives for inspiring, funny, sarcastic and moving gifts and decorations. You will want to have one for you and one for your loved ones.


  • Moon lights: Convenient two-piece adapter that turns any standard water lily into bright sunlight.¬†
  • Dimensions: 2.75 inches in diameter;¬†suitable for standard glass jars and standard liter jars only.¬†
  • LED backlight: turns on automatically in the dark;¬†Includes AAA battery.¬†
  • Add an ambience anywhere: DIY solar lights from stone jars to balconies, window sills, etc.¬†
  • Say it boldly: fun, sarcastic or poignant - Katie's primitives have the right gift to tell them how you really feel.¬†

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