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Solar System Crystal Ball


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Feel what it’s like to have our entire space region in the palm of your hand with this crystal ball from the solar system.¬†This excellent educational tool gives you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Earth and our seven neighboring planets as they orbit our local star.

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Product Details

Features: The crystal ball of the Sumnacon solar system is so elegant that you can hold it in your hand, its diameter is 80 mm / 3 inches. The planetary balls are embedded in a two-dimensional plastic film disk, on which orbits and several moons are printed. The planets are three-dimensional. The whole set is then placed in a glass ball. An eternal miracle. Excellent quality and finish. Our transparent crystal ball from the solar system elegantly displays all eight planets (except Pluto) with their moons orbiting the sun. It will be a great gift for anyone interested in space. Now you can take the solar system to your home, office or wherever you want. Idea to enjoy this ball: Idea for photography. - Great for shooting. For interesting subjects and unusual photos. Explore your most creative side in photography. Idea for the display. - This classic transparent crystal ball will add elegance to any environment. Healing power, perfect place in your office, living room or bedroom. An idea for an educational tool. - The best educational ball for astronomers and space lovers. Specification: Diameter of the crystal ball: 80 mm Weight of the crystal ball: 655g Color of the crystal ball: transparent The package includes: - 1 crystal ball of the solar system - 1 wooden support - 1 cardboard gift box


  • 8 planets in the solar system inside, NOT INCLUDING Pluto because it is no longer considered a planet.¬†The Crystalline Solar System is a great teaching tool for young children and looks great as a decoration in a family room.¬†Help children understand the relationship between the Sun and the planets in 3D space!¬†
  • For those looking for a unique gift for the space lover or any astronomer, this is it.¬†This is a very good picture of the solar system.¬†The planets and rings that show the orbits have different colors.¬†It can be used as a paperweight or as a standalone object.¬†
  • You have more than the whole world in your hands - elegant, beautifully designed, a great addition to the collection of terrestrial globes that you can be comfortably storing.¬†As the nightly news rises above simple weaknesses and turns into a stomach-thinning terror, the globe can redefine us with its calming perspective.¬†The set of images of the Earth as thought in the past can now be enriched with a new and broader view of our entire solar system.¬†
  • Elegant and displayable - 80 mm / 3 "in diameter This classic transparent crystal ball will add elegance to any environment. Ideal for your office, living room or bedroom.
  • Comes with a gift box and wooden stand and is great for displaying the ball. I recommend this product to anyone who loves the solar system and would like to have an interesting and beautiful way to display it.

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