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Solar System Tree Ornaments


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Admire the beauty and mystery of our solar system on your Christmas tree with these solar system decorations. Each planet is available individually or together with everything from Earth to Saturn, so you can decorate your tree with any of your favorite planets.

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Product Details

Blown glass Christmas decorations. Saturn that REALLY LOOKS like Saturn with data from Cassini used to engrave the rings! Sun spots! Earth and Mars with clouds and polar caps, Jupiter with a red spot and I include Pluto just because! Very cool!! And with a bow at the top to hang from a tree. I like to hang them out of the window during the months outside of Christmas. The sunlight shining through them is incredible! I spoil these decorations myself. The size of the ornament is about 2 inches for small ones, up to 4 inches, while Saturn's rings are about 4.5 inches. With rings, the decoration is heavier than mine and can be very heavy for small trees. All jewelry is thicker than cheap breakables, and my cats have been tested to withstand normal handling and last a lifetime as heirloom items.


  • Ready to start, priority delivery.¬†
  • Handmade in the USA by independent artists.¬†
  • Long-lasting relics that will be transmitted for many years.¬†
  • Studio Art Glass made with scientific evidence

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