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Sound Effects Controller Attachment


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Communicate with other players more creatively and without speaking with this sound effects control tool.¬†Each of the eleven customizable buttons will reproduce a different sound effect in the game’s voice chat.

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Product Details

Introducing Soundbar, Soundbar, Controller Box for PlayStation 4. Soundbar provides a unique way to communicate in online games or group chats, sending fun sound effects via voice chat. It includes 11 buttons, each with a funny sound effect, and a cancel button that can instantly stop any sound from playing. The sound bar is programmable, allowing you to customize the sound of each button. It connects to the bottom of the dualshock 4 controller via a 3.5 mm port. The headset loop-through allows you to connect a headset to the bottom of the soundbar, preserving the audio and chat functions and allowing you to hear the sound effects being sent. The volume of the sound effects can be adjusted with the dedicated volume control. Each button is backlit, making it easy to use the soundbar when playing in low light conditions. The pad has an internal rechargeable battery that is charged with the supplied micro USB cable.


  • The programmable buttons allow you to customize the sound.¬†
  • Connects to the bottom of the dualshock 4 controller via a 3.5 mm port.¬†
  • The headset loop-through maintains audio and chat functionality
  • Dedicated power button and volume control.¬†
  • Built-in battery

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