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Spaceship Inflatable Pool Toy


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The lucky pilot of an inflatable toy spaceship pool will rule the pool with an iron fist while bombarding the alien scum and any other bather or passerby.¬†As soon as you enter the captain’s seat, you will be rewarded with an endless supply of water to irritate everyone around the pool.

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Product Details

Pool time is imagination time - just one of the reasons why Swimline's water experts work so hard to bring you exclusive floats! Children love to imitate their characters and an inflatable fire boat pool is the perfect way to do that. The captain and the mate can rescue lost swimmers and extinguish fires with the built-in water gun. This realistic-looking fire boat has a sunshade with an undulating flag. The boat is equipped with a cable and an external inflatable motor. The fire rescue and fire truck red graphics will love your kids. This inflatable tube is equipped with a constant flow gun that fills from the pool, providing an excellent jet action. This 75 "(190.5 cm) boat is made of high quality vinyl for maximum durability with lightweight inflatable valves that will allow your child to submerge faster.


  • Thick PVC resists wear and tear.¬†
  • The oversized rider measures 74.5 x 36 x 33 inches.¬†
  • ¬£ 200 The lifting capacity is supported by several drivers.¬†
  • Fancy design of a red rescue boat.¬†
  • Fire extinguishing gun with automatic filling.¬†

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