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Sphero Remote Control R2-D2


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When you’re bored, the Sphero R2-D2 remote control is sure to be the android you need.¬†It has holographic simulation, authentic movements and can interact with other drones with Star Wars apps.

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Product Details

R2-D2 is an astromechanical android from a very, very distant galaxy ... Control your android with your smart device or keep R2-D2 in top shape with augmented reality training. The front and rear LED lights of the R2-D2 brand are fully functional and the built-in speaker means that beeps and beeps come directly from the R2-D2. See how R2-D2 interacts with other Sphero androids powered by the Star Wars app and watch movies from the Star Wars saga where R2-D2 reacts by your side. This legendary android has come to life like never before.


  • Authentic movement - control R2-D2 with your device, switch from bipod to tripod or trigger emotional movements.¬†
  • Integrated speaker and amplifier;¬†LEDs - the sound comes straight from the R2-D2 and the front and rear lights are fully functional.¬†
  • Code R2-D2 - Download the Sphero Edu app and use the characters' commands to program R2-D2 and complete STEM
  • Watch with me - watch movies from the Star Wars saga.¬†R2-D2 reacts at your side.¬†
  • Holographic simulation - Explore the Star Wars galaxy, explore the interior of iconic ships, Bluetooth range: 30 m.¬†

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