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Spider-Man Bed


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Your neighbor friend, Spider-Man, is approaching you to sleep well in Spider-Man’s bed.¬†In addition to keeping you safe on the streets, it will also make you feel comfortable in this uniquely designed double bed.

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Product Details

Incredibel and Marvel Entertainment have teamed up to reveal a new collection of the world's most famous superheroes, a squad of Marvel superheroes, the first of which will be Spider-Man. This amazing bedspread for two beds features a hypoallergenic upholstered head, hands you can hug and webbed feet. This exclusive bed cover is fixed on a double mattress and has no wooden or metal structure, making it the perfect transition bed that grows with your child. With superior construction and materials, this amazing bed is made of soft microfiber fabric and looks like Spider-Man from the Super Hero Squad. It can be machine washed and machine dried or stained and then vacuumed. The sheet, headrests and pillows fit in a standard washer and dryer. Two handle and foot sections are suitable for front loading washer and dryer.


  • Fully padded hypoallergenic appendages, industrially sewn to withstand years of machine washing.¬†
  • Machine wash or clean most sections, requiring large front loading hand and foot washers and dryers
  • Double mattress set sold separately - fits Twin, Twin XL mattresses or 3- foot single mattress with base.¬†
  • The soft fabric sheet your baby sleeps on can be easily removed.¬†

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