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Squirrel Head Feeder


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Make yourself and your friends laugh as you feed the furry creatures on your tree delicious food using the squirrel head feeder. This novelty feeder hangs in the yard and creates a funny illusion that the squirrel has a huge head when it goes to eat.

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Product Details

If you are feeding squirrels, why not laugh at them at the same time? Hang a 5-1 / 2 x 8 '' (14 cm x 20.3 cm) vinyl feeder in a visible place, fill it with squirrel food and, when the squirrel is eating, it will look like it has a bulky head giant with a dull expression. Perfect for bird watchers, parents and anyone else who thinks squirrels need a little humiliation. It has holes in the ears to hang on a rope.


  • Squirrels appear to have giant heads. 
  • Perfect for bird watchers, parents and anyone who thinks a squirrel needs a little humiliation. 
  • Hands with rope or wire (not included)

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