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Standing Desk Balance Board


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Make the most of your time at work by improving your overall health with this table balance board. It is made of strong, resilient materials that can support up to 450 pounds and comes with an adjustable floating base that you can change to increase complexity.

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  • MOVEMENT AT WORK: Standing still all day has its limitations, and standing still is no longer an option ... enter the balance board of the Revolution Focus permanent table.¬†The focus increases physical activity while you work on your standing table, in the form of subtle, yet engaging, full-body movements.¬†
  • COMPLEX 2-PIECE DESIGN.¬†use your whole body.¬†Enough movement to keep you active, but not enough to stop you from continuing your regular routine.¬†This is not your basic solid board ... your intern can handle it easily.¬†In no case.¬†
  • WORK MORE PLEASURE.¬†Sometimes, those days at the office start to mix like breakfast.¬†Revolution Focus will help you break free of the routine and have fun in the workplace.¬†Your co-workers may be a little jealous, but you could give them a few minutes to try, right?¬†
  • TOTALLY ADJUSTABLE: The air cushion base is fully adjustable so that you feel more comfortable with the board, you can simply add more air (no need for a pump) and increase the difficulty.¬†This ensures that your investment will pay off in the coming years.¬†
  • CONSTRUCTION OF WORK GLORY: We know that you will use this board every day, so we created it with that in mind.¬†The duragrip top provides traction and cushioning against fatigue, while the quiet impulse dampers at the base make this board suitable for use on any surface.¬†No bumps or scratches.¬†450 pound weight rating.¬†|¬†MADE IN THE USA

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