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Star Night Lights Projector


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Unleash the grandeur of space within your humble home by turning on this projector for night stars. It comes with a practical remote control that allows you to conveniently switch between six different films, including constellations, meteors and galaxies.

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Product Details

REMOTE CONTROL STAR LIGHT PROJECTOR An innovative light that projects the stars and moonlight into a room, transforming the room into a relaxing atmosphere similar to the night sky. This makes your children comfortable and relaxed at night. How to use the Star Night Light Press button "A" once to turn on the night light projector. Press the same button 2 to 6 times to change the lighting effects. Press the same button 7 times to turn off the light. Button B - Press it. for a long time to turn on the light. Just press button "B" for 3 seconds to make the light start to turn. Specifications: Modes: Night Light or Star Projector. Styles: 3 colors, 3 sparkles, 6 projection effects, 6 different films. Product size: 5.1 * 5.1 * 5 inches Product weight: 0.6 lbs Material: plastic Power mode: 3 * AA batteries or USB connection Package includes 1 * projector night light 1 * remote control 6 * movies (nebula, moose, constellation, mete or, dinosaur, birthday and sea) 1 * USB cable 1 * Manual


  • Read more Imagine - Various forms of starry night lights on the walls and ceiling, the children's projector creates a relaxing atmosphere and is a great night light for children who are afraid of the dark, especially before going to sleep.¬†Awaken your children's imagination by making them relax.¬†
  • Remote control and stopwatch --- no longer have to worry about "getting out of bed or sofa to turn on or off the lights", use the baby's night light, just click on the remote control that can control the night light, bright lights and timer.¬†
  • Several films - Star Projector comes with 6 additional films: Happy Birthday, Constellation, Meteor, Nebula, Dinosaur and Underwater World.¬†After pressing the "B" BUTTON and waiting 2 seconds, the light will turn.¬†
  • More options for lighting effects - Kids Star has 6 different lighting effects, namely blue, yellow, white, sequential and slow fading.¬†and combination.¬†You can adjust the desired color mode and lighting effect by pressing button "A".¬†
  • Perfect gift for children --- The starry night light is designed for children, close to the star and the galaxy, the sea world, which is good for sleeping and helps to get rid of fear at night .¬†perfect gift for wedding, birthday, christmas.¬†
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