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Star Trek Catan


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Become the Federation’s greatest hero by beating your rivals in Star Trek Catan.¬†In this fun and addictive game for 4 players, you will have the task of taking a courageous journey to the most remote parts of the Federation’s territory, where you will build outposts and extract resources.

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SPACE The last frontier. Many resource-rich planets within the Federation are waiting to be explored and colonized. Build outposts and star bases for resources. Using your fleet of starships, plot supply routes that will allow you to safely venture into deep space. Avoid running out of resources when negotiating with your opponents and neighbors of the Federation. However, if your opponents venture too far into your space, you may need to distract the Klingons to keep them out. because in the end only one can become the Federation's greatest hero. Accept the challenges. STAR TREK CATAN brings the timeless game concept of the most famous board game in the world - THE SETTLERS OF CATAN - to the surrounding Star Trek universe. Popular characters from the Enterprise spaceship come into play with the new Support Cards. Build, trade and establish where no one has been before. Since 1966, millions of Star Trek fans around the world have watched the adventures of Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. And since 1995, millions of enthusiasts around the world have played Klaus Teuber's classic board game, Settlers of Katana. It's time to bring them all together for Final Frontier. Includes 19 interchangeable planetary sector blocks, 6-piece plate frame, 28 outposts, 16 habitat rings (to upgrade outposts to star bases), 60 starships, 1 Klingon battleship, 2 special victory point cards , 10 support cards, 25 development cards, 4 construction cost cards, 95 resource cards, 2 hexadecimal dice, rules and an almanac.


  • For 3-4 players
  • Playing time 75-90 minutes
  • It combines two classic properties.¬†
  • For 3-4 players
  • The game takes 75 to 90 minutes.¬†
  • Combines two classic properties.¬†

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